When to harvest a plant?

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Harvesting cannabis can be seen from many angles, and everyone can imagine something else under it. From the removal of the plant itself from the soil, through transport and drying, to the subsequent storage of the cultivated plant material. We would like to show you here, how the whole harvest looks and possibly introduce you to the possibilities you might not know.

How should I recognize, that its time to harvest?

We will start from the beginning. How do I know it’s time to harvest? The first sign is the yellowing and falling leaves. This tells us that the flower will not last long. Basically, we have two ways to decide whether to harvest the plant or not.

The first is the observation of trichomes (resinous glands) on the surface of the flowers. First, they are clear, but after maturing becomes milky and eventually darkens. It is reported that the plant has the highest percentage of THC when half of the trichomes are milky and half brown. Early harvest will produce a more active effect, with a later harvest more sedative. To observe the trichomes we only need a magnification of about 30 times, which can be done using a simple magnifier.

The second method is simpler, but requires knowledge of a strain for its exact execution. As the plant matures, the pistils gradually darken and dry. Most plants are ripe, when more than half of the pistils darken, however, there are exceptions, such as the tropic sativas that bloom longer and thus the pistils will dry more. This method is suitable for beginners and for the more advanced as well, as the first does not have to exert practically any effort to explore the plant and others often know their plants well.

Special cases are plants for purely medical use. For this, there are better pieces with a higher CBD content and a lower THC content, which means we will leave the flowers for creams or other medical application for about two weeks longer than the smoking plant, because as the plant ages, the ratio of the two substances gradually leans on the CBD/CBN side. In most cases, however, THC is the most important therapeutic component.


We have decided to harvest the plants, but how to take them from their place of residence? There is a lot of superstition among the growers about the whole ritual of harvesting, which is not caused by the certain magic of this phase of the whole effort. Here is one such and extremely widespread. It is believed that the plant should be torn apart and dried as well. It’s not true, the plant doesn’t care if you cut it, tear it or anything. It is said that when you take the plant away, it survives for a few more days, and it needs supplies for the creation of flowers. This would make sense, if we left the plant in the water, it would probably survive for a few days, but it’s better to leave it planted for a few days longer while stopping the water supply to let it naturally dry out.

We have clarified the nature of superstition and now let´s harvest. It is important for us what we want to harvest from the plant and where the plant is located. Every part of the plant can be used, and it depends only on you, what it pays to take away, which is related to the location. If you have weed behind the house, you don’t have to think about taking away the leaves, or just the flowers, and take the flower whole. However, if you travel to plants two kilometres, thorn and every extra way is suffering, then think twice about what you want to take away. You can leave everything unwanted in place, at least the field will have a nutrients for the next season.

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