White Widow Original | 3 seeds


White widow cannabis is probably one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world. You could find white widow marijuana in almost every coffeeshop in Amsterdam since the introduction of this strain in the 90ties. The exact origin of the famous white widow is somewhat of a mystery. We certainly know that her heritage originates from a Brazilian sativa and a South India Indica.

This cannabis strain is a very powerful and potent strain and is therefore very loved among cannabis users worldwide. The cannabis plant is covered with shiny white crystals and has a high flower to leaf ratio. Try out our White Widow Original and taste and feel the effect of this classic and popular strain. Our white widow is more indica dominant but has also the positive characteristics of a sativa strain. We managed to crossbred a Brazilian sativa with a very potent Indica from india.

We took our first White widow and managed to upgrade it to a very stable and uniform cannabis strain. We are very pleased to bring you the new White widow original with all of her best qualities. This strain will take you back in time and will bring back memories of smoking the original white widow.

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