Hello and thank you for visiting our site, we are the team behind Sumo Seeds. We are a one of the top international cannabis breeding seedbanks, we are based in Barcelona, Spain and have our roots in Maastricht in The Netherlands.

Even though we are relatively new on the breeding market, we have a long history of working with cannabis cultivation and breeding, which is our big passion. Because of this, we have travelled around the world to find the best landraise genetics and strains, for our customers to enjoy.

Our hard work have in recent years been acknowledged internationally, trough high ranking and cannabis cup award winning strains. We seek and settle with only the best genetics, highest potencies and flavours/aromas.

we take great pride in our work, years of research and travelling have given us the oppertunity, to offer all of our customers an exclusive collection of different varieties such as: inhouse hybrids, cup winners, rare landraises, feminized seeds, regular seeds and autoflowering seeds.

We have conciously decided to use novel animations for identifying our strains, so that you can as a customer can make your own choice given on the provided information on our strains, and thereby not choosing from a good looking picture, but rather from your specific needs and wishes to your cannabis seeds.

All pictures of buds and fully grown plants are from happy cultivators who have used our products. As of now we have accumulated enough knowledge to bring 42 different strains to the market, that we feel we can stand behind and support.

Understanding cannabis plant cultivation and breeding is our field, and you can always expect top quality seed genetics from us.

Sumo means power

Something that stands firmly in the ground and triumph – which is values we want to reflect through our products.

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