How to sprout a seed?

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Everyone wants healthy plants. But what is the basic step towards achieving this goal? Of course, germination. In other words, it is a process during which the life in the seed is stimulated and takes the world in the form of a sprout.

First, I will explain three basic stimuli that must be present to trigger the process and make the plant thrive. The first factor is water; the seed goes through a process called “sipping” – that is, when the seed absorbs water from its surroundings, the seed shell eventually splits and the embryo spreads inside it. The second factor, necessary to trigger germination is air. This will ensure that the embryo has everything needed for photosynthesis. Finally, it needs a cannabis seed to germinate even a certain level of temperature. The embryo inside the seed has its own small supply of nutrients to start growing. Therefore, only three factors are needed to start the growth.

In a box:

Other factors to remember:

Ideal temperature: 22 to 25 ° C

Ideal humidity: 70 to 90%

The growth environment: DAMP, not WET

Best light: fluorescent light

Do not touch your seeds brother

For hydroponics / rockwool modules, the ideal pH value is 5.8-6.2

Enough theory, let´s get started!

– dampen two layers of paper towels with warm tap water. (you can boil the water and let it cool a bit)

– Between them, put cannabis seeds and check each day to make sure they are moist. We can best maintain humidity by placing the seeds in moistened paper between two plates.

  • In a few days, seeds are likely to begin to germinate and be relocated to another environment, provided that high humidity and sufficient lighting is maintained well in the new environment.

Beginners advice:
People who are still discovering and have little experience. are usually recommended to start the germination process with only five seeds out of ten, and to germinate the next five one week later. If there are mistakes with the first seeds due to poor technique, there are still seeds left to avoid those mistakes with. If you already have sufficient experience from previous successful attempts, you can gladly let all the seeds germinate at the same time.

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